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    Recent News

    Concessions Coordinator

    Sharks Families,

    We are in dire need of a concessions coordinator for this season.  This person would oversee the concessions operations, from advising the board what is needed to organizing the activities at home meets on Saturdays.  There are plenty of people that help with this role, but we need…

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    Practice Starts Today!

    Calling all Sharks!

    Regular practice for the Sharks begins today!

    15-18 year old-  3:45- 4:30

    6& Under-  4:00- 4:30 or 4:30- 5:00 (dependent on your group)

    7- 10 year olds- 5:00- 5:45

    11-14 year olds- 5:45- 6:30

    See y'all at the pool, GO Sharks!

    If you haven't registered, you can…

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    SCF Sharks 2019 Kick-Off Dinner

    Come join us as we kick off the 2019 Spring Creek Forest Sharks Season!

    The 2019 Sharks Kickoff potluck dinner is this Sunday, April 28th at the Spring Creek Forest Clubhouse We will be setting up around 3:30 pm and starting at 4:00 pm.

    Each family has been assigned a…

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    Officials and Registration

    Hello all, the 2019 Season is quickly bearing down on us. Pups week starts next week.

    1.) Registration is still open, if you haven't registered yet or know someone else that would like to register, please have them join us for the summer.

    2.) We are always in need of…

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    Registration Today!

    Calling all 2019 SCF Sharks!!

    In person registration is TODAY, Sunday March 24th!. Join us at the SCF Clubhouse, located at 17515 Fairway Oaks Dr, from 2pm - 5pm to complete your registration in person or you can register online. Either way we would love to see everyone!

    We will…

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