***This Saturday's Divisional Meet***

    2022 B4 Divisional Meet

    June 18, 2022

    Spring Branch Natatorium

    10404 Tiger Trail, Houston, TX 77043

    Setup Map attached.

    Parking, please observe the signs.

    ****Please RSVP by Tuesday, June 14th****

    Saturday Morning

    Swimmer check-in deadline - 7:00 am, All Swimmers Must Be Checked In By 7:00 am!!

    Volunteers must check in by - 7:30 am

    Swimmer warm ups: 7:50 - 8:10, Lanes 1-4

    Officials meeting - 7:50 am

    Coaches/Team Rep meeting - 7:00 am

    Scribes and timers meeting- 8:00 am

    National Anthem- 8:25 am

    Meet starts immediately following the National Anthem

    Sharks Parents,

    This is the Big Test of our season's work!! Our swimmers have worked hard for the last two months and they will use it all this Saturday as we swim against our entire division! All swimmers that have one official time individual event times this season are eligible to compete at the Divisional meet. Our coaches have been working hard so we can do our best to win this week!

    As a reminder, there are to be no alcoholic beverages at an NWAL sanctioned event. Also the areas in and around the starting blocks is off limits to everyone except swimmers that are swimming an event, and volunteers that are timing, scribing, or assisting with ready bench. No photos may be taken from behind a starting block at any time.

    Swimmer Warm-Ups- Our warm-up time is 7:50 am until 8:10 am.

    Swimmer Check In - Swimmers must be checked in by 7:00 am at the latest! After 7:00 am swimmers may be scratched! There will be a board member near our check in area to hand out event slips and check in your swimmer. If your swimmer has to leave the event for any reason, please let the coaches know before you leave.

    Coach Erick will be the contact for any relay changes! He will do his best to inform everyone that has been added to a relay team or have had their team scratched. If you see him or your coaches after 8:20 am or so, they can tell you of any changes you need to know about. Be aware though that changes may be made up until the event is swam, so keep an eye out if he's walking around our setup area!

    We ask all families to plan on arriving no later than 6:45 am. This gives some time to park, set up your tents, chairs, blankets, check in your swimmers and for your volunteer shift.

    Volunteers and Volunteering- All volunteers will need to check in with our Volunteer Coordinator, Nora Gutierrez, after checking in your swimmers. She will be by swimmer check in. Please check in no matter what shift you are working when you check in your swimmer! Volunteering for Divisional is separated into 3 shifts instead of the usual 2. If you are working second or third shift please pay attention to the announcements about starting the next shift of volunteers. The actual event numbers for the shifts is still being discussed (based on the timeline) but will be approximately:

    Shift 1 = events 1 - 30
    Shift 2 = events 31 - 56
    Shift 3 = events 57 - 86

    Please make sure you are on time for your shifts. As I stated above, weather may play a role this weekend so we need to keep the meet moving to get it done as fast and smoothly as possible.

    Family Tents- The area for our team will be on the south side of the pool, right across from the ready benches. Please refer to the attached map. The areas should be marked somehow before anyone gets there.

    Families are encouraged to either bring a tent or talk to someone else on the team about sharing their space. We are expecting to finish the meet around 3:00 pm or so but it may run later or end earlier. This will make for a very long day in the sun without shade.

    Concessions- There will be some food trucks on site but note that there will be NO regular concessions. It will be an extremely hot day with everyone set up outside so please bring lots of extra water and snacks. **If you know someone who has a food truck that would be willing to come out, please let us know.**

    General rules- Swimmers and parents are not allowed to question, interfere, or talk to meet officials. Officials will be wearing white shirts and blue shorts/pants and will have NWAL name tags. This includes scorers and computer entry officials. Violation of these rules can cost your team points and can cause your swimmer to be disqualified from their last or next event. Any problem during the meet needs to be brought to the attention of either a team board member or coach.

    Nobody is allowed in the pool unless they are competing in the event that is in progress. This includes the shallow pool. Doing so will delay the meet and can cause swimmers to be disqualified.

    I would like to also remind all families that horseplay, fighting, rough housing, name calling, bullying, harassment or any kind of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated anywhere at the meet but especially at the ready bench area at the pool before and after your swimmers events are swam. This includes anything directed towards our own teammates, our competitors or meet officials by swimmers or spectators. Any incidents can result in lost team points, Swimmer disqualifications and up to ejection from the meet or the team.

    Please remember, we are guests at their pool. Please pick up after yourselves and follow their rules. We would expect the same respect from them. Please respect their park and equipment. Please help us police the kids and make sure they are staying out of trouble and not doing anything we would not want them doing at our pool.

    The most important rule of all, Do your best and have fun!

    Please continue to monitor your email this week for updates and/or changes.

    See you all Saturday!

    Go Sharks!!

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