*** Saturday June 11th SCF Sharks vs the Enchanted Valley Marlins ***

    Hey Shark Parents!

    This Saturday, 6/11/2022 is our last home meet against the Enchanted Valley Marlins! Let's show our Sharks spirit and bring home the "W" for the last dual meet of the season.

    ** RSVP for this meet is OPEN **

    The RSVP function is extremely helpful & something everyone must do, in order for the Coaches to know your swimmer(s) will be at the meet! Coaches do meet entries via web site and your RSVP allows them to enter your swimmer(s) into relays & their events. Please take a few minutes and RSVP for the meet by logging in to our team site at www.scfsharks.org and click on calendar. Locate the date of meet 5/14/2022, click on the "meet entry" button by the SCF v. DD meet, then click "edit". From the drop down menu, choose "attending or not attending" by the swimmer(s) name. Don't forget to "SAVE" before you exit.

    **RSVP via the Sharks website by TOMORROW 6/8/2022**

    Swimmer Check In:

    Swimmers arrive by 7:00 am & must be checked in before 7:30 am. Any swimmer checked in after 7:30 am is at risk of being scratched for the entire meet. Swimmer check in is located in the area between the concessions and the pool gate in front of the bathrooms. Swimmers will receive their slip with the events they are swimming. Swimmers should check in with Coaches by 7:15 am for instructions for warm ups. Coaches will be set up on the far side of the pool closest to the starting blocks.

    Volunteers and Volunteering:


    Since this is our a dual meet, there will be more than one shift for volunteering at this meet. Volunteers need to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as you check in your swimmer(s) for the meet. Volunteer Coordinator will be located in the area between the concessions, clubhouse area and the pool gate in front of the restrooms, next to the swimmer check in. If you are volunteering in a position you are new to, please let us know & you will be put you in contact with the right person to get you situated in your duties.

    If you need volunteer points, email our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@scfsharks.org ASAP to make arrangements to make up those points.

    If you are volunteering on Friday night, we will be meeting in the pool area at 9;45 pm and will hopefully be done within 90 minutes or so. If you are volunteering for setup Saturday morning, please report to the concessions area by 6 am on Saturday morning.

    Family Tents:

    Sharks Families have plenty of room to set up tents in our designated area behind the Concessions stand in the grass. We have a few trees inside by the pool deck and the back gate. This space is okay for chairs or standing room, but only team tents are allowed in this area. No swimmers are allowed on the playground during the swim meet!!

    The visiting team will be using the area behind the pool and the back gate.

    What to Bring:

    The Basics: goggles, swim cap, suit & towel.

    Sunscreen, cover up clothing, and some sort of shoes are also needed. Many families bring their own pop up shade to sit under during the meet. It isn't required, but remember that you will be sitting out in the sun for the better part of the day. Meets usually run until 2 pm or later in the afternoon. You also want to bring chairs, sunscreen, money for concessions, snacks and drinks, and something to help occupy your kids time while they wait for their next event. Many of the younger kids will bring books and crayons or even some toys to play with while under their tent while others bring cards or other small games.


    Concessions are a great way to support our team! Our concessions team has a wide variety of fresh grilled food, snacks and beverages to last from early morning till the end of the meet, so bring some cash to keep your swimmers appetites at bay! Breakfast items such as tacos, kolaches, donuts and coffee, to hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, candy and a variety of other menu items, you don't need to think about bringing food! Concessions takes credit card and Venmo as well.

    We will have Brothers' BBQ breakfast tacos, as well as brisket sandwiches for lunch. And we will have Sharky's Snow Cone truck attending the meet.

    General Rules:

    Swimmers and parents are not allowed to question, interfere, or talk to meet officials. Officials will be wearing white shirts and blue shorts/pants and will have NWAL name tags. This includes scorers and computer entry officials. Violation of these rules can cost your team points and can cause your swimmer to be disqualified from their last or next event. Any problem during the meet needs to be brought to the attention of either a team board member or coach.

    ** Nobody is allowed in the pool unless they are competing in the event that is in progress. This includes the shallow pool. Doing so will delay the meet and can cause swimmers to be disqualified.**

    Swim caps MUST be worn by all girls as well as by boys with long hair.


    The general rule of thumb is if we can hear thunder or see lightning, everyone is out of the pool and we don't swim until the weather clears. We usually swim in the rain unless it is heavy enough that the coaches cannot see the bottom of the pool. This goes for practice as well as swim meets. Practices will be delayed or called off at the discretion of the coaches and the SCF Board of Directors. Swim meets will be delayed or canceled by the meet referee. We will do our best to put out the word on the web site and by email as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions, please find one of our board Members, we're always happy to help. We look forward to seeing everybody on Saturday Morning!!

    Items To Bring to the Meet:







    chair (recommended)

    pop up tent (optional)

    $ money for food and drinks (Team Merchandise will also be available including swim caps)

    Sharks Spirit!

    Timeline -

    Please arrive by 7 am

    Swimmer check-in deadline - 7:30 am

    Volunteers must check in by - 7:30 am (6 am for setup crew)

    Swimmer warm ups begin - 7:15 am

    Officials meeting - 8:10 am

    Scribes and timers meeting - 8:20 am

    National Anthem - 8:30 am

    Meet starts immediately following the National Anthem

    Please be mindful, times may vary for regular swim meets during the season.

    Helen Dorsey
    SCF Sharks Secretary
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