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    2023 Registration Form

    Thank you for registering for the SCF Sharks 2023 season. We expect it to be another fun and exciting swim season, with teams that we haven't competed against previously. If you have any questions, please come see us on March 26th, 2023 from 2-5pm at the SCF Clubhouse, located at 17515 Fairway Oaks Drive, Klein, TX 77379 and we will help you get the answers.

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    Discipline Policy

    By Checking the Agree Box below you and your swimmers agree to abide by the contents of the SCF Sharks Discipline Policy. The Discipline Policy can be viewed under the "FAQ / Handbook and Policies" tab on this website.


    Acceptance of my entry and participation in the events of the SPRING CREEK FOREST SWIM TEAM is without responsibility of any kind by the NORTHWEST AQUATIC LEAGUE (NWAL) or the SPRING CREEK FOREST SWIM TEAM or any other entity sponsoring a related event. I do hereby for and on behalf of myself, and my heirs and legal representatives RELEASE and forever discharge the NWAL, it’s officers, directors, representatives, coaches, and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, and injuries, howsoever arising, whether caused by the negligent or intentional acts of the NWAL or any of its Swim clubs and their representatives, representatives of other Sponsoring clubs, or by third parties, which injuries may be in any way related to my activities as a member of the Swim team and any period traveling to or from the events described, and all such claims are hereby WAIVED and RELEASED, and I agree not to sue therefore. The parent or guardian, by signing below, does hereby agree to INDEMNIFY and hold harmless the NWAL and its officers, directors, coaches, representatives and volunteers, and the sponsoring swim club from any liability which may incur to the participant, however arising and whether caused by the negligent or intentional acts of the NWAL, its officers, directors, coaches, representatives, volunteers or the sponsoring swim club. By Clicking Below you are agreeing that you HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE FOREGOING RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. NOTE: Please note that your all swimmer’s name and swim times are kept on the NWAL website by meet and event name. By registering your child as an NWAL swimmer, you are giving NWAL the authority to post your child’s name, event name, and associated swim time on the NWAL website. There is no exception.

    Non-SCF Resident

    Non-SCF Residents must pay a $30 fee per family. This fee is passed on to the homeowners association for use of the facilities.

    SCF Shark Swimmers Handbook

    By checking the box you and your children agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set forth in the Sharks swimmers Handbook. The Sharks Handbook can be viewed under the "Manual" tab on this website.

    Volunteer Requirement

    I understand that registration is not complete until a check is given to the SCF Sharks Swim Team in the amount of $375.00 to hold until the end of the season. Checks for families who have completed their required volunteer shifts will be returned at the end of season awards banquet.

    Volunteer Shifts

    I understand that I must complete 18 volunteer points from regular season meets as well as 3 volunteer points from the divisional meet to receive my volunteer deposit back. I also understand that only 3 points per meet will be counted towards this requirement (unless previously arranged with the volunteer coordinator). Becoming an Official, or a Board Member is an easy way to fulfill this requirement.

    Junior Coach Program


    Do you want to help build your résumé through community service while learning valuable leadership and mentoring skills?


    • Must be a high school swimmer and have at least 2 years of competitive swimming experience at the time of your application.
    • Show upstanding character to your coaches and commitment to your team.
    • You must be willing to attend most practices and all meets assigned to you, including pups week.
    • You must view this as a serious commitment because coaches and swimmers will depend on you.
    • You must be able to demonstrate and instruct proper stroke techniques.

    Email or talk to Coach Erick for the application if interested.

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