2017 SCF Sharks Award Dinner

    Calling all Sharks and Shark Families!

    When: Monday, June 26th from 6pm - 8:30pm

    Where: SCF Pool

    Come join us to celebrate a great Summer Swim Season!! We will be serving hamburgers and hot dogs from the grill along with chips, drinks and desert. We will also be holding our annual parent relay! So parents, don't forget to bring your swim suits so your kids can cheer for you this time! And lets not forget Trophies and Awards! Along with their awards each swimmer will also receive an envelope with any ribbons remaining from the year. Deposit checks will also be returned for those families that fulfilled their volunteer requirements and do not wish to donate them to the team. Along with all of the festivities we will also be holding an election for our 2018 Sharks Board of Directors. Any individuals interested in joining the Board or running in the election please contact William McNutt at William.McNutt@gmail.com We look forward to seeing you there!

    In addition to all the other Awards Banquet activities, we will be having a "Cream the Coaches" fundraiser, all monies gathered go directly to the coaches. For $1, you can buy a whip cream pie and throw it at the coach of your choice. Did your coach work you too hard? Will it be your favorite coach? or most disliked? Let the pies decide.

    -SCF Sharks Board

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