Sharks Family,

    We are still in need of multiple volunteers for Saturday's meet with Country Lakes Estates.  Please keep in mind that our team runs strictly on volunteers and without everyone contributing we would not have a team. 

    You have until tonight at midnight to sign up online before the system locks.  If you find you are able to help out and it is locked please email volunteers@scfsharks.org and let Anne know what spot(s) you are going to help with so we can get you on the list. 

    The following positions still need to be filled:

    Concessions - 2nd shift - 3 spots

    Ready Bench Helper - 2nd shift - 1 spot

    Timer - 2nd shift - 2 spots

    Set Up - Saturday Morning - 4 spots

    Tear Down after the meet - 7 spots

    We very much appreciate all of our volunteers for helping this great team run smoothly.  The kids especially appreciate it because without you, there is no team!  Please help us get these spots filled so we can have a successful swim meet this weekend!


    Olen Walton

    President - Spring Creek Forest Sharks Swim Team


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