Preston Wood Forest Swim meet 5/11/19 (away meet)

    Hello Shark Parents,

    The following information is for our dual swim meet this Saturday, May 11, 2019 at Preston Wood Forest. 

    Address: 14533 Ravenhurst Ln, Houston, TX 77070


    Please be mindful as we are their guests,to pick up after yourselves, follow their signs & pool rules as we expect the same from our visitors at SCF.

    Saturday Morning -

    Please arrive by 7 am

    Swimmer check-in deadline - 7:30 am.

    *All Swimmers Must Be Checked In By 7:30 am or risk being scratched from the meet.

    Swimmers report to coaches at 7:30 am

    Swimmer warm ups 7:45 am - 8:15 am

    Volunteers must check in by - 7:30 am

    Officials meeting - 8:10 am

    Scribes and timers meeting - 8:20 am

    National Anthem- 8:30 am, Meet starts immediately following the National Anthem

    Sharks Parents, We had a good practice meet, this past Saturday. Our Coaches have been working hard so we can beat Preston Wood Forest in their own pool this Saturday! There will be a board member near our check in area to hand out event slips and check in your swimmer. If your swimmer has to leave the meet for any reason, please let the coaches know before you leave. We ask all families to plan on arriving around 7:00 am. This gives plenty of time to park, set up your tents, chairs, blankets, etc and check in your swimmers and check in for your volunteer shift. Our coaches have asked that all swimmers report no later than 7:30 am to their coaches.

    Volunteers and Volunteering - All volunteers need to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator no matter what shift you're signed up for. They will be located near swimmer check in. 

    Family Tents and Team Tents - We will have our team tents set up. We are unsure of where the location is exactly, but we will have them by the rest of our teams spot. These tents are set up as a place for our swimmers to sit and relax and wait for their next event. It usually gives them a good vantage point to watch and cheer on their team mates! The team tents are intended for the 12 and younger crowd, so we ask that families not crowd inside with them. We also ask that you please remember that you are still responsible for your child. The team parent is responsible for getting the swimmers to the ready bench, not for watching your child(ren) between events. Families are encouraged to bring a tent or talk to someone else on the team about sharing their space. At away meets, we don't always have shade available and it can make for a long day in the sun. Blankets and/or tarps are highly recommended.

    What to Bring - The basics: Suit, goggles, swim cap, towel. Sunscreen, cover up clothing, and some sort of shoes are also needed. Many families choose to bring there own pop up shade to sit under during the meet. It isn't required, but remember that you will be sitting out in the sun for the better part of the day. Meets usually last until 2 pm or later in the afternoon. You also want to bring chairs, sunscreen, money for concessions, and something to help occupy your kids time while they wait for their next event. Many of the younger kids will bring books and crayons or even some toys to play with while under their tent while others bring cards or other small games.

    Concessions - There will be concessions available at the meet with breakfast and lunch items.

    General rules - Swimmers and parents are not allowed to question, interfere, or talk to meet officials. Officials will be wearing white shirts and blue shorts/pants and will have NWAL name tags. This includes scorers and computer entry officials. Violation of these rules can cost your team points and can cause your swimmer to be disqualified from their last or next event. Any problem during the meet needs to be brought to the attention of either a team board member or coach. Nobody is allowed in the pool unless they are competing in the event that is in progress. This includes the shallow pool. Doing so will delay the meet and can cause swimmers to be disqualified.

    ****Ready bench behavior can get your swimmer disqualified! Please let your swimmers know that they are expected to keep their hands to themselves and not be trash-talking on the ready bench. It is grounds for disqualification from the event up to and including the entire swim meet.****

    Please be patient - We are using a new software this season. We hope that everything goes according to plan, but please be patient if we have some computer glitches that slow things down a bit.

    See you all at the Pool!

    Go Sharks!!

    Respectfully, Stacy Dawson SCF Sharks Secretary
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